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Events & Workshops 2017

Private Lessons 

Glassbead Making l 265.00

September 2nd & 3rd, 2017

Introduction To Flameworking. 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

 You will learn the basics in creating beads of all shapes while balancing control on the torch. Students come away with basic safety knowledge and 14 hours of experience and torch time in beginning their education in Flameworking and the art of bead making. Certificate of completion of torch time as well as materials included, no experience necessary for Glassbead Making I. 

For scheduling & payment information: [email protected]

Glassbead Making ll 265.00

September 23rd, & 24th 2017

Advanced Flameworking & Technique 8:00 am - 4:00pm

Color understanding, technique, and equipment set up are the focus of point. Students come away with the knowledge of color chemistry, advanced flame technique and control in "flame bathing", as well as 14 hours of experience and torch time in furthering their education in Flameworking and the art of bead making. Certificate of Completion of torch time and all materials included.

Flameworking l required.

 For scheduling & paymentinformation: [email protected]

Woman's Womb 2017

A safe place where women learn that self value is not about feminine betrayal and stone stepping on one another for gain. 

Women's Womb underlines the positive connection that is a lost "sisterhood" in the modern day rhetoric that continues to keep women down and back from their full potential. Just like we protect our young while they prepare for their lifes' journey inside the womb, we provide each other the same nurturing understanding and wisdom in the art of connection and exchange. The world needs more feminine energy - and it starts in the Woman's Womb.

More Table Talks Coming Summer 2017...

Hippie Fest 2017

Join Dana Haan & Jane Lancaster for a weekend of fun and self discovery at the Elemental Virtues Booth as they present "Two Crones & A Stone". 

Featuring Ki Bead Readings, Reiki, Tarot, Auric Energy Readings, Burning & Smoke Readings,  Hand &Touch Readings and much much more! Lots of beautiful baubles to take home!

Join us!

July 22nd & 23rd

28508 Murphy Rd, Logan, OH 43138
11am to 6pm  (rain or shine)