Elemental Virtues

Soulutions for a better life .....

Through careful intake of connective energy exchange, Dana provides a safe environment for an intuitive imprint on your past and current events.

In daily life, we often find ourselves in what feels to be mundane living, "stuck" or stale relationships, fearful financial outcomes and or security, etc. We often are not able to grasp a solution on which to gain control over these instances.  Issues that keep us stuck and bound to the dynamics they are born from, come to light in a Table Talk setting, often done with card imagery, glass by fire beading, or auric brushing. 

65.00 60 Mintues

115.00 90 Minutes

Special Guest Partner in attendance at Indian Fest 2017 at Wolf Creek lodge is
Reiki Practitioner & Energy Reader, 
Jane Lancaster who will be practicing Agreement Readings . Jane uses special totem feathers for pulling and centering energy. 

* I am not a Dr. of medicine. I am a nature based, and metaphysical based walker of natural sciences. My Reading abilities in cartomancy, psychometry, and auric energy, are not to be confused with your own choosing and freewill during my sessions.  I am certified in TAOMCHI,  The Association Of Melody Crystal Healers International tm., and approaching 4th Level of Healing Touch Therapies.

My mission and my goal is to help you and direct you to your own empowerment. It is not, and will never be my intention, to keep you from controlling your own outcomes or your choices to benefit my personal or financial gain, outside of services rendered per hour. By choosing me, you've come to my table of your own decision and wager. My intention is to help you and support you, in self reveal, so that you may achieve your own desired happiness through personal self discovery.

*I am a healer within the practice of uplifting, coaching, and educating you in what you've known all along - that YOU ARE YOUR ONLY KEY in deciding the content of your life.

* I am not a guru. Your beliefs are not my beliefs, but that I will tesitfy that ALL beliefs are respected and supported by me, in support of you, and for your personal growth.

* I am not a financial advisor or an accountant. I can only give you an educated opinion based on my own experiences on life changing matters in terms of finance.

* I will not divulge any of your information to another person or source without express permission from YOU, the client. All services will be held in the strictest of confidence unless there is any indication of danger from the client, in that he or she may harm himself/ herself. It then becomes my ethical and mindful duty to inform those who can further assist you in aide and help. Therefore, because I am not a doctor, lawyer, or mental health provider, I will not make any attempt to call my services "professional" in giving advice related to these topics or any other field in which I am not qualified, and will make referrals to such professionals should the indication and/or occasion arise.

*I will not attempt to predict winning lottery numbers, stock options, or money based inquiries to peek into your future financial circumstances. Nor will I attempt to interpret any of your information in light of death or illness, though these subjects can be discussed to assist you in instances of difficulty.

*I vow to give you complete and honest assistance with your life's goals, in your understanding of the world around you, and to help you with your status of Self and the Soul empowerment that you are capable of, as every being is capable of.

*I will listen without judgement and critical feedback that would stop you in any way of coming into your full potential.

*I am a "sign pointer". I will never inject knowingly, fear, or use coercion to gain any type of control over your choices or the direction OF your choices, benign or positive, made solely by you. 

*I reserve the right to cancel any of my services at any time should you not adhere to or agree to