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Kosha Mechanics
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Soulutions for a better life.

Services are focused on providing  you with the highest levels of self discovery and directive feedback on your journey to self awareness and healing. 

Through the work of Kosha Synergetics, personal awareness begins to surface and relaxation and stress are no longer at war. These methods are used  and applied in the the human bio-field in efforts to sync up the body, mind, and the spiritual self, in the  goal of achieving well being and healing.

In Kosha energy work, it is the use of these sensory modalities in which light therapies and directive touch come together in running and grounding the body's bio-field. "Sight & Color Impactualization", "Sound & Vibration Syncing", along with "Olfaction Application", are all synergized to aide in restoring the body's emotional and physical "economy", and balance is restored.  It is with mindful re-adjusting and awareness that aide in the body's wellness. Our environments can both help us to thrive, or they can hinder us in everyday "overload".

 The Senses , Theraputic Touch, and the Human Bio-Field 

"Evidence was found in the shifts in the magnetic field emitted by practitioners performing therapeutic touch, as measured by a SQUID magnetometer (Seto, et al, 1992). In a subsequent study, the biomagnetic component of a therapeutic touch practitioner showed a field with a variable frequency around 8 to 10 Hz (Zimmerman, 1989). These studies suggest that the 8- to 10-Hz frequency band may be associated with emission from the human biofield during this therapeutic intervention. Interestingly, this frequency band is also the alpha rhythm of the brain during relaxation and part of the natural resonance frequency bandwidth of the earth, known as the Schumann resonance." - Dr.  Beverly Rubik, PhD




* Kosha I Grounding & Alignment
 69.00 per session hour/ 39.00 per 1/2 session hour.
 Session hour 60 minutes.
Can relieve physical pain and ease suffering through restorative touch
and breath work. More Info.
* Kosha II Sound & Color Sync
 69.00 per session hour/ 35.00 per 1/2 session hour after. 
Sound 136.1 Hz in conjunction with Heart Balance through live "color projection" and focused awareness. More Info. 
*Kosha III Integration Restoration 
   125.00.00  Scheduled in 3 sessions . Color Carding, Sound Sync, Energy Grounding & Alignment are all a part of a healing progression in Kosha III.
The Archeaia Mandala & Auric Sitting
Painted on stone, mandalas are assigned during an Auric Sitting and specifically done to individual need in accordance for assisted healing.
34.00 Choice Shipping not included. 

Dana is currently an active participant and
 3rd Level Practice in Healing Touch Therapeutics